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Everyone likes denim. I think I am right to say everyone, at some point in their lives has worn at least one denim piece.

And even for the sceptical, those who don’t particularly like denim, the fabric has its undeniable advantages; it is resistant, breathable, comfortable and quite versatile.

‘Although denim had already been around for hundreds of years, it was a singular moment in 1873 that created the denim jean as we know it today’ [1] -and that was when Levi Strauss & Co. first patented the riveted denim waist coveralls in blue- and creating the predecessors of jeans as we know and love it now.

But denim production has its costs and I am sure not one person should be unaware of these costs.

Both environmental and social costs can be pointed out during the denim production.

With an excruciating 1,800 gallons[2] of water needed to grow cotton to produce 1 pair of jeans, mostly in water-stressed regions, it is understandable how denim can simply be unsustainable. That means 6,813.7412 litres of water!

Of course, sustainable innovation exists in the area with (again!) Levi’s Water<Less™ [3]production methods.

Certainly, rental models pioneered by MUD Jeans[4] are here to stay and to make the transaction to a circular economy easier.

When founding Nostalgae, I chose to use natural pigments for environmental and water pollution reasons… and upcycling denim only came as a natural next step.

Why waste denim pieces that might be damaged, broken, have marks or simply are simply out-of-style for several decades when something NEW can be created!?

NEW DENIM UPCYCLED x Nostalgae is launching today as part of the SS20 collection.

These are individual pieces, unique and will not be repeated- or at least not precisely repeated ;) and they have been upcycled from charity- sourced denim, either larger sizes or damaged pieces.

Shop now here:

[1] Beazley, Mitchell, Icons of Style, Denim - Octopus Publishing Group’ -2015 [2]

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